Basic Info

  • Man
  • Women
  • Serious Relationship
  • 72
  • China
  • Post-Graduate
  • Separated
  • Catholic


  • Caucasian (white)
  • Does it matter?
  • Large
  • 5'10" - 6'0"
  • Brown
  • Bald


  • Daily
  • Daily
  • No

Home Life

  • Alone
  • Yes
  • Not sure

About Me

  • A man of 1000 passionate kisses from Canada>April 6,2016>> I, Remi McNamara, am a simple man with a brilliant mind and education, I was raised by a wonderful mother and 2 sisters who taught me to love, cherish and respect every woman on earth, especially the ONE LADY I LOVE> I live by a Code of Chivalry which means I respect and cherish every woman and child on earth>You, the woman are always first in my life, after GOD> Women want to chat>They think chat eliminates LONELINESS>It does not>It increases LONELINESS. Remi is so brilliant that he never yells, never becomes upset or angry, never hits a lady, never harms a lady emotionally or physically, never punishes a lady, and Remi is always happy>Remi speaks English and French fluently, a tiny bit of Chinese, and Spanish, and uses his computer to translate Chinese Remi loves Asian Ladies>Remi is 71, poor financially and a Billionaire in LOVE>If you wish the other 2 paragraphs of this unusual profile, just ask. Love, Rémi