3 Things Western Men Have Got All Wrong About Thai Girls

date hot sexy thai girlAlthough Thailand is famous for its magnificent temples, beaches, and extremely friendly people. It is also renowned when it comes to ‘Thai girls’. So these are some things you guys have got all wrong about Thai girls;

- Not every Thai girl is a working girl. For white people who have just arrived in Thailand for the first time, this is one of the very first thoughts they have towards Thai women. After being spend time in Thailand for a while, you will know that this is so not true. Even those who work in the bars,

- Not every Thai girl wants your money. It is understandable if that is what you think but you should never treat every girl like they are all gold digger, not all of them are. Even those who come from very poor family, they can just unexpectedly turn you down really easily. You are totally losing your chance with a girl if you start acting like she is one, and it turns out she is not.

- Not every Thai girl likes white guys. Do not assume that all Thai girls are into western men, they are not. Not even one-fifth of them do. Sometimes a really really pretty girl can be so into white guys while another typical tanned Isaan girl probably not.

So when you visit this beautiful country or even decide to stay for a while, just keep those things in mind and try to maintain a little perspective at the same time.

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