Easy Tip to Keep Asian Girls in a Good Mood

cute happy asian girlIf you want to date an Asian girl, this list will be very helpful to you. Asian girls are very unpredictable and they never tell you when you do something wrong. They always keep things to themselves and that makes it even harder because you don’t even know what you have done wrong, so you really don’t know what to solve.

Asian girls are used to hearing complements from their Asian guys. They are always flattered, even to the lying ones. They just love hearing it. When they ask you something or ask for your opinion, the best thing to do is to give only positive answers. Giving negative truth simply means you are against her. It might sound ridiculous but it is so true. Asian girls love knowing their guy is on their side. It’s not that they don’t know the truth, they do but they don’t want to accept that. This is the difference between western and eastern culture. It is very important to be honest and straightforward in western culture, but it works in the totally different way for eastern culture. Asian people have this concept of losing face, especially for girls. You don’t make her feel like she is doing something wrong. You always support her even you don’t want to.

The point to this is to keep saying things girls want to hear. Even a girl is not asking your opinion about them, you still give her compliments. Just keep feeding her with lovely sweet compliments and words. Flowers or gifts can be a plus. They will stay in their good mood as long as you keep feeding them with compliments. Easy right?

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