Facts about Indonesian Women

Date Beautiful Indonesian GirlIndonesian women have many differences that make them stand out from other Asian girls. Here are some facts about then they should know before starting dating one;

- Every woman around the world loves shopping, but Indonesian women can’t live without it. The statistic shows that an average woman in Jakarta owns 27 pairs of shoes, 19 bras, 38 pairs of panties, 67 tops, and 25 pairs of jeans.

- One-third of women in Jakarta dye their hair. There is no reason, it is just their ‘thing’ to do it.

- There is an accurate statistic result that almost 50% of all women at age of 18-35 years old in Indonesia live with their parents.

- Indonesian women really love being white, and almost every tanned-skin girl wants to be white too. So don’t freak out if your Indonesian date refuses to walk with you in the sun. You can just always have an umbrella in your car, just in case.

- Indonesian women are the best detectives ever. If you hide anything from her, make sure you are really good at hiding and lying or she will definitely find out. And you never want to get into a fight with an Indonesian girl, because it’s going to be a really long fight.

- If you are talking to an Indonesian woman and she tells you she loves sports, there is a very big chance she is lying. Almost all Indonesian women don’t like sports.

So now you have learned some information about Indonesian girls. So next time you think of approaching one, you know what to prepare for.

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