Facts about Japanese Women

date hot big boobs japanese girlJapanese women is one of the most desirable women among all Asian women. Here are some facts about Japanese girls you might want to know;

- Japanese women are very concerned about their husband’s life. They never forget to ask their man about his day. They always have everything prepared for their man; clean house, lovely smile, warm welcome, decent favorite homemade meal, hot tub, and love making.

- Most of Japanese woman are normally very submissive and lady-like, but usually go dirty in bed.

- They usually respect their mother-in-law as their own mother.

- Most of young Japanese girls usually look for a man around their age to marry and start a life with.

- Japanese women can tolerate poor men, but they definitely cannot stand weak and lazy men.

- Japanese women are very proud of their own country and believe that Japan is the greatest country in the world.

- Some Japanese women believe that marrying to a white guy is a disgrace to themselves.

- Japanese girls are crazy about anything that is ‘cute’; Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, Rilakuma, Mickie/Minnie Mouse, and anything that is pink etc.

- They perceive low voice as too manly. That’s why they always have very high voice. Some people find that incredibly attractive, but some just find it extremely annoying.

There are still a lot more but lists above are what represent Japanese ladies and society the most. Read and remember this so that you can use some of this knowledge with your future Japanese girlfriend.

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