Facts about Korean Women

date hot cute sexy korean girlAs you always see in many Korean music video (ie Psy, Girl Generation etc), Korean girls are extremely hot and beautiful. Let’s learn some facts about Korean women you might have never heard of before;

- Only those girls on TV that are really hot. If you are so into those famous Korean stars or those you see on TV that you book a flight to Korea and expect you will be living in paradise full of your dream girls. You are definitely going to be disappointed because you can never find those who are beautiful like Korean stars along the street.

- Many Korean women date western guys because they are bored of flower boys. Western men are a lot manlier than Korean guys and that’s what makes Korean guys and western guys so different from each other.

- Korean women really take looks seriously. If you are going out on a date with a Korean girl, you better make sure you dress properly and look clean-shaven. You does not have to make it a tight shirt and jeans with a polka-dot tie, just a nice shirt and jeans are fine.

- Although Korea is a very high-technology country, not everyone in Korea can speak good English. If you expect every Korean girl to be able to speak good English, you are going to be disappointed with that. Their grammar and wording can easily throw you off. English is only considered a subject in school the same way as Math and Science are.

- Korean women want affection more than sex. It is not that they are not sexually active, they are. They just love it more when their guy show affection for them, rather than trying to have sexual intercourse with them.

These facts may shock you. They will also prepare you for what Korean culture and society is like. You will be better prepared for what you’ll have to face.

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