Facts about Vietnamese Women

date beautiful Vietnamese womanRecently, there is a statistic result that more and more Vietnamese women have married western guys every year. So here are some facts you should know about Vietnamese girls, their culture, and why they want to have relationship with western men;

- The main reason Vietnamese women want to be in relationship with foreigners is because they want to escape their own culture. Many women in Vietnam get sick of their culture of the expectation to be the most beautiful creature in the society. They also have this belief that a woman has to wait for her husband even he has turned into stones.

- The next reason is that foreign husbands require less. In Vietnamese culture, it is very important that a woman’s history has to be clean. And if two Vietnamese people are getting married, the girl needs to be accepted by the whole family of the groom. That sometimes makes thing so difficult for them. Even the virginity is still very important for some families.

- Most of Vietnamese brides are highly dependent of her foreign husband after they move to western country. Many of Vietnamese girls have a dream of moving to western countries, and that’s why many poor girls become the victims of human trafficking in those countries.

- When Vietnamese girls really love someone, she will expect the same from that person. Saying that he loves her is not enough, actions always speak louder than words for Vietnamese girls. If one day they don’t feel like being loved anymore, they can just easily stop loving that person instantly.

Some of these probably makes dating a Vietnamese girls sound difficult, but if you can go through and make it work, It is definitely going to worth it.

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