How to Write a Killer Online Dating Profile for Men

successful asian online datingThe most important key for successful online dating is your profile. Women always read everything you write on your profile. If your profile is really long and the first couple lines are already boring. No matter how good looking you are, you are definitely losing your scores. Only if you take a little more time to write a good profile, you will be rewarded with a lot more responses from types of women you like.

The first thing you will have to do when you sign up with a site is choosing your username. This is a critical component of your profile. Some people probably think that this part is not important. But the truth is girls really pay attention to this part. They can easily turn you down by simply looking at your username. They start judging you since that moment your username pops up on the screen. You have to make sure you don’t use those names that tell people you want to get laid. Everyone knows sex sells, but you are not going to attract more a one night stand if you introduce yourself this way too soon. Don’t use negative words that will mislead people (you know girls always take things too seriously they won’t get your jokes). Put a little more effort than “Andrew1978” or “Falcon333”, this only makes you sound boring and lack of personality. Try to make it stand out from other profiles. You can just use two or three short words that positively depict your personality, passions, and/or looks. Make your username the briefest way to describe YOU.

Next to the username is your Headline. This is like the title of the book. Good headlines draw the readers in. If you are stuck on what to say, go back to the list you created to come up with your username. Use those words for inspiration. You can just easily put your favorite philosophy or quote. Just make sure to keep it positive. Something like “Choose me!” or “Pick me please!” may sound funny to you, but for someone else, it probably sounds desperate. Be careful with your sense of humor. Writing and talking, these two thing are totally different.

The biggest part is the “About Me” section. You don’t need to make it super long to describe everything about yourself, especially when writing is not your strong point. For this part, most of what you have to write are “who you are” and “what you are looking for”. Don’t make it sound too confident, make it sound modest and simple. The key to this whole section is to be direct while maintaining an air of mystery. Let others know that you know what you want but you can also be flexible too. Don’t mention about how bad your previous relationships were and how desperate you want to find that woman of your dream. That is a big mistake and a huge turn off. And also NO superficial wish list about looks. Use specifics. Just be sincere and honest. Write like you talk. Show your real personality. And do not forget to invite the reader to contact you.

After successfully create your profile, the last thing you have to do is uploading your photo(s). Your profile picture really does matter. People who do not upload a single photo to their online dating profile usually get overlooked. Just imagine online dating as meeting someone in person for the first time, how you look matters. Be sure to post a terrific photo of yourself. Do not use photos you took 10 years ago, use the recent ones. Do not need to exaggerate. Remember, online dating is not about creating a fantasy version of yourself, it is a way to meet people that you can build a genuine relationship with.

A little trick for writing your online dating profile is that you should have fun writing it. If you have fun writing it, the reader will likely have fun reading it too.

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