How to Write a Successful Online Dating Profile for Women

successful asian online dating profileFor women, you probably think that the most important thing for online dating profile is what you write on your profile. But the fact is 90% of your online dating success is based on your photos. Women love learning about a guy by reading their profile. Women pay attention to what they hear (in online dating case, it is what they read). If a guy is not that good looking but what he writes on his profile is interesting, the situation can change. That is so not how it works for guys. Guys only pay attention to “what they see”. The very first and almost the only thing that guys pay attention to is your profile picture. Of course, what you write on your profile matters and definitely can help you attract guys. But it means nothing if you put the wrong photos of yourself on your online dating profile.

Most online dating sites let you upload unlimited photos of yourself on your profile. They allow you to choose a main profile picture and then several others that people can view when they click on your main photo. DO NOT upload other people’s photos. It needs to be a true representation of what you actually look like. DO NOT upload hundreds of your photos in the very same posing. Choose ones you think are accurately present what you look like.

For main profile picture, you do not need to select the absolute most attractive photo you have ever taken. Chances are, you do not look like that in person and you are misrepresent yourself. Just select a good photo of yourself that you think you look good and it accurately represent you so that your date will not freak out when he sees you in person.

After selecting your main picture, the next step is choosing more photos for your profile page. First step is to identify some recent photos and then select ones that give insight to your interests. Make sure you keep your photos beautiful and natural. Classy and non-suggestive photos send the message that you are looking for a long-term relationship and not just a fun time. You should include both half and full body photos, along with your face shots. Every guy that clicks on your profile, they expect to see your body shots. It does not need to be a sexy one or one that clearly shows your curves (except you really have a perfect or great looking body, do not hesitate to show off). Just use a classy and nice looking one that really looks like you.

To choose your username, just simply pick 2-3 adjectives that positively describe YOU best.
For the “About Me” section, stop telling the world how much you hate this and that types of guys. Avoid negative phrases. That will only make you seem unappealing instead of the fun, genuine, and smart woman you are. Just try to keep things simple and positive. Try not to state what you do not want, just go with a briefing of what you are looking for. This section should not contain only a few sentences, but it is also not a place to tell your life story. Just be concise and stick to a few paragraphs.

Finally, read over your finished work again. Make sure you do not make any spelling and grammar mistakes. You can even email your dating profile essay to a friend for review before posting it to your chosen dating site.

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