Top 3 Reasons Why Foreign Men Like Asian Women If you travel a lot you might have noticed that a lot of white men are now dating Asian women. Even if you don’t travel and just go to your local grocery store or mall you will notice this. If your dating preferences are only people of your background then you are missing a lot. I know of a lot of friends who went on dates with Asian women which ended in marriage. Now I know that marriage may not be what you have in mind right now, but I’m just citing an example.

Still having second thoughts on dating an Asian woman? Here are the top 3 reasons why you should based on a recent survey done.


You probably heard of the saying “love at first sight” right? This usually happens when you see an attractive woman. Asian ladies are renowned all over the world for their unique kind of beauty that captivates men. They also look younger than their age. This is because they take care of their bodies very well by eating healthy food and staying away from unhealthy habits as much as possible.

Family Oriented

Most of the guys who are planning to settle down look for a partner who is family oriented. This is where Asian women have the advantage. At a young age Asians are taught to value the family first. This is why you will often see parents and even grandparents living with their children. When the time comes when you both get married and she has to choose between her career or you, she will definitely choose you.


Most Asian women stick to the traditional female role. They are calm, affectionate and motherly. They still believe in traditional old values and depending on what particular Asian country she may come from will generally vary.

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