Basic Info

  • Woman
  • Men
  • A Date
  • 24
  • Philippines
  • College Grad
  • Single, never married
  • Catholic


  • Asian
  • Average
  • Average
  • 5'1" - 5'3"
  • Brown
  • Blonde


  • No
  • Socially
  • Yes

Home Life

  • Alone
  • No
  • Not sure

About Me

  • I'm a typical girl who loves a man's small efforts in every way. I'm a type of person who loves the simple yet elegant things rather luxurious but cold token.
    I am more of a still self discoverer as for me,self discovery is unending and a fun cycle of one's life. I love to travel a lot and visiting the beach is my happy pill to let go of all the stress and worries away along with the waves.
    I love meeting new people. I love doing unusuall things for it may come only once in a lifetime experience and never forget to LIVE LIFE but still in need of help to further sustain living.