Basic Info

  • Woman
  • Men
  • 28
  • Philippines
  • College Grad
  • Single, never married
  • Catholic


  • Asian
  • Slender
  • 4'10" - 5'0"
  • Black
  • Black


  • No
  • No

Home Life

  • With parents
  • No
  • Yes

About Me

  • Hi I'm Michelle I am 4'11 of height , fair skin and slender body , long and curly  hair  I'm not drinking alcohol because it it bad in our health . I also not smoking  I got my degree of Education at  National College of Science and Technology I am still living with my parents house ,I am working as a teacher in high school teaching History ,I  loved shopping and watching movie with my friends, My family is my strength because they always support me in every decision that i made and they never leave me I  loved my family so much that I don't want to be far from them that's why I'm still living with my parents house. For me ,My family is the best Gift that God had given to me next is my crazy friends of course... ^^ . I am 24 years of age and still single , I want a guy who had a positive outlook in life ,a guy who is contented for what he had and a guy who is God fearing because i hope i'll meet this guy here in Date Asia ....