Basic Info

  • Man
  • Women
  • Friendship
  • 27
  • Bhutan
  • College Grad
  • Single, never married
  • Buddhist


  • Asian
  • Attractive
  • Slim
  • 6'1" - 6'3"
  • Black
  • Black


  • Socially
  • Socially
  • Maybe

Home Life

  • With a dog
  • No
  • No

About Me

  • "This world has lost it's glory, Let's start a brand new story my unseen love".
    Hii....i am Sonam....or So Nam..I belive in the message of kindness and forgiveness. I strongly feel that the world is such an small place and our time too short to be stuck with negative people.
    I look forward to meeting someone that  is pretty inside and out.And as long as things work out between us, the distance and insecurities are neva going to be an issue.